Discovering the town of Nice

The Story

You will discover the eventful life of Black Morgan,a gunner in the 18th century on the pirate ship “No Mercy” which was commanded by Captain Olivier Levasseur, going by the name of “La Buse”.

In 1729, after a violent battle in the bay of Villefrance-sur-Mer against a frigate flying the flag of “La Maison de Savoie”, all trace of this man was lost.

They say, in the smoky taverns of the port of Nice that this pirate had amassed great treasure from his plundering and looting.
Your goal is to find the treasure, hidden somewhere in Nice.>/p>

This treasure-hunt will take you on a path through “la Vièia Vila” – the Old Town, up to the foothill of the Castle which cradled the city, a small greek colony at origin.>/br>
You will also pass by the port as well as the Promenadedes Anglais.

The city of Nice abounds with interesting places and unusual sites, thanks to its historical past. Her mysteries and curiosities .. often hidden behind her rich vegetation and architecture.

A lively atmosphere animates Nissa-La-Bella, she has been restored throughout the decades much to the delight of her inhabitants, holidaymakers and passers-by.

Your journey to Nice as a treasure-hunter will forever remain etched in your memory.

At the same time as you participate in the hunt, you will be experiencing another story, the one to be told later, amongst friends .. your story and that of your team, and your challenges in a timeless, parallel world.

Street of the Old-Nice
Guiseppe Garibaldi’s statue,
located in Garibaldi place
Saleya avenue
The king Charles-Félix Quai Infernet’s statue
The new Masséna Place
Façade..Terre de Sienne near the Nice port
The Angels Bay
Fort du Mont Alban
The Mont -Alban Fort
located on one of the Nice hills
Adam and Eve (Old-Nice)
sans-titre 3
Bell towers of the Old-Nice
The Foutain of Apollon (Masséna Place)
The port of Nice
The English’s Castel
Villefranche-Sur-Mer road)
Le marché aux fleurs de Nice (Cours Saleya)
sans-titre 2
Façade du Vieux-Nice
Vue de la colline du château