Seven days of the week, morning, afternoon or evening, we organize private treasure-hunts,on the occasion of a birthday, or that of a loved one, or maybe even on the eve of your wedding,so you can have fun while saying goodbye to your last day of being single !

Our Treasure-Hunt : How it works ?

The Story: Morgan’s Treasure

From the Place Massena, starting exactly at the foot of the Apollo Fountain, the treasure hunters will cover a part of theOld Town, the Renaissance and neighbourhoods built by the widening of the harbour in the eighteenth century.

Through a maze of alleyways and architectural remnants of the past, on to places of historical memory, the hunters will complete puzzles, their goal being to find, after many an adventure, the hidden treasure of the buccaneer Black Morgan.

This gunner lived in the eighteenth century and maneuvered on the pirate brig named “Sans Pitie” (“No Mercy)which was commanded by a captain nicknamed “La Buse” (“The Buzzard”).

In 1729, following a violent struggle in the bay of Villefranche-sur-Mer against a frigate flying the flag of the House of Savoy, of which Nice and Villefranche, not yet a part of France, all track of the buccaneer was lost.

They say in the taverns of the port and the Old City, that this swindler of the seas had amassed, through his many robberies, a fabulous booty, which is for you to uncover !!

Discovering the town of Nice

You will discover the eventful life of Black Morgan,a gunner in the 18th century on the pirate ship “No Mercy” which was commanded by Captain Olivier Levasseur, going by the name of “La Buse”.

In 1729, after a violent battle in the bay of Villefrance-sur-Mer against a frigate flying the flag of “La Maison de Savoie”, all trace of this man was lost.

They say, in the smoky taverns of the port of Nice that this pirate had amassed great treasure from his plundering and looting.

Your goal is to find the treasure, hidden somewhere in Nice.

We organize adult treasure hunts for a minimum of 4 participants.