Hunts for Kids

Each team must be accompanied by an adult.

We attach great importance to safety.

Duration of the hunt : around 2h / 2h30.
From 5 children minimum.

Advised: comfortable shoes, hat or cap.

The Story

Under the watchful eyes of the crew at “Aventures sur la Côte ”, and of the mums and dads, the children will discover the vibrant life of Black Morgan, gunner in the eighteenth century on the pirate ship “Medusa”, which was under the command of a Captain nicknamed “la Buse” (The Hawk).

In 1729, following a violent struggle in the Bay of Villefranche-sur-Mer against a frigate which was flying the flag of “Etats de Savoie”(“Duchy of Savoy”), of which Villefranche and Nice, not yet being French, were part of, all traces of the buccaneer were lost.

It was said in the taverns of the port of Nice, that the buccaneer had amassed, thanks to his many robberies, a fabulous treasure.

The aim of our young treasure-hunters is to find some of that booty.

To do this, they must solve puzzles that will then lead them to the scene of the hiding place. As they make their way, and in a safe manner,they will visit historical landmarks of our beautiful city.